Mandala Gallery

The mandala paintings in 2001. It is an ongoing series which has been exhibited in various galleries, wellness centers and fine art shows.There are currently over 50 paintings in the series.

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. It represents a snapshot in time of the universe from beginning to end. A mandala suggests unity, completion and wholeness. Being centered within one’s self.

As with all mandala work, the paintings are circular in design and manifest three basic properties; center, symmetry and the cardinal points for north, south, east and west.

In addition, each of the mandalas in the series contain a centered source of “energy”, which is depicted by the golden lines radiating in and out of the middle. These “energy lines”, in various forms and colors, have been a consistent element in the artist’s work since she began painting many years ago.

All of the mandalas paintings are 24 x 24 inches. They are created on a canvas covered wood surface. The varied processes of acrylic painting are combined with encaustic techniques, mixed media and found objects.

Below are some selections from the series.

Giclee Prints are available on Etsy :

Mandala #1  This Beautiful Battered World

Mandala #1 This Beautiful Battered World

DF1 11

Mandala # 41 Knowledge


Mandala # 39 Santa Fe

DF1 5

Mandala # 3 Illusion


Mandala #29 Lunar Inversion

Diane 1 bb 8x8:joy

Mandala #30 Perfection

Mandala #5  Nautica

Mandala #5 Nautica

Diane Fergurson 2014