Heaven and Earth

The Connecting Heaven and Earth series of paintings developed as an outgrowth of the artist's continued exploration of the mandala form, combined with her studies in Qigong energy healing and meditation.

Connecting Heaven and Earth-  Through Time copy

Whereas the mandala paintings depict the consolidation, balance and organization of the energy which is manifested within one’s self, the heaven and earth artwork takes this idea one step further and explores the concept of the center (mandala) being connected to the free flow of universal energy.

This energetic system, between heaven and earth, resides within humanity and manifests itself in all of life. It is a continual stream of movement. Ascending, descending, mixing and merging. How we connect to the flow of this energetic system not only determines how effectively our physical body functions, but how we connect to the divine.

All of the artwork in this series was created on a canvas covered wood surface. The varied processes of acrylic painting were combined with mixed media, encaustic techniques and found objects. In addition, each painting contains golden energy lines which radiate in and out of the center point and also combine to connect the top and bottom of the piece. (heaven and earth) The sizes of the paintings range from 24x24 inches to 80 x 32 inches.

Featured above- Connecting Heaven and Earth: Through Time

Below are some additional selections from the series.

Giclee prints are available on Etsy.

il 570xN.290349549

Connecting Heaven and Earth: Expansion

h and e - Version 2

Connecting Heaven and Earth: Adjusting Center

(Was used as the logo for the company Being in Balance)

h and earth

Connecting Heaven and Earth: Illumination

6 copy

Connecting Heaven and Earth #1

Visions copy

Connecting Heaven and Earth: Visions

Diane Fergurson 2014